Our COVID-19 Response

Ravensthorpe Nickel Operation (RNO) is pleased that in conjunction with the broader measures implemented by the WA State Government, our COVID-19 actions have seen our site unaffected by the virus, with zero cases recorded.

We are pleased that in line with the WA Government guidelines, we have been able to loosen the restrictions and return work life to a more normal state.  We continue to monitor COVID-19 responses and act in accordance with direction and advice from the WA State Government and the Chief Medical Officer and stand ready to re-initiate actions as appropriate.

Key actions that will be re-initiated if the need arises can be;

  • Temperature checks on arrival at the site;
  • All buses practicing social distancing with designated seating arrangements
  • Our buses not stopping in any community between Albany, Esperance and the site;
  • Sanitisation of buses at depots at Albany, Esperance and Hopetoun and when they arrive at the site;
  • Implementing Working from Home arrangements where possible for the maximum number of employees and all local residents being encouraged to drive to the site rather than taking the bus;
  • Employees driving in and out being instructed not to stop in any community between Albany and Esperance, and not to stop in Hopetoun or Ravensthorpe;
  • No physical contact with members of the Jerdacuttup community, only phone and email permitted;
  • Employees in site accommodation being instructed to remain on site during the course of their rostered shifts and return directly to their home communities upon completion.

We continue to maintain our specific COVID-19 Plan and Quarantine Procedure on site in preparation for any COVID-19 case.

We believe that in the current environment we need to maintain a return to a normal working environment in accordance with WA Government guidelines and advice.

Measures we have previously taken were effective and we are positioned to implement again on any change to advice from the WA State Government.

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