Our COVID-19 Response

RNO continues to maintain our specific COVID-19 Plan and Quarantine Procedures on site in preparation for any COVID-19 case.

We remain ready to update our plans in accordance with direction and advice from the State Government and the Chief Medical Officer should the situation in Western Australia change.

A range of measures were put in place for a period in 2020, and will be re-initiated as appropriate.

Key actions that will be re-initiated if the need arises can be;

  • Temperature checks on arrival at the site;
  • COVID-19 testing as required;
  • All buses practicing social distancing with designated seating arrangements
  • Our buses not stopping in any community between Albany, Esperance and the site;
  • Sanitisation of buses at depots at Albany, Esperance and Hopetoun and when they arrive at the site;
  • Employees driving in and out being instructed not to stop in any community between Albany and Esperance, and not to stop in Hopetoun or Ravensthorpe;
  • No physical contact with members of the Jerdacuttup community, only phone and email permitted;
  • Employees in site accommodation being instructed to remain on site during the course of their rostered shifts and return directly to their home communities upon completion
  • Any other appropriate measures

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