First Quantum is a leading mining and metals processing company, producing copper and nickel from operations in Africa, Latin America, Europe and here in Australia at the Ravensthorpe Nickel Operation. We are growing and now employ 20,000 people in eight countries. We are known for our ‘can do’ attitude and special technical, engineering and operational skills.

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Employing 20,000 people in eight countries

Shoemaker-Levy Opening
November 2021


Ravensthorpe processes nickel laterite ore extracted through open-cut mining. To achieve this, we use a high-pressure acid leach process that results in a mixed hydroxide product for export. Our product contains about 40 per cent nickel and 1.4 per cent cobalt on a dry basis. Waste heat from the process is recovered to produce steam via three 18MW steam turbines, for the generation of power and to provide heat for the leaching process. We export our nickel concentrate and the cobalt by-product in containers to international customers via our export facility at Esperance Port.

In late 2021 we officially opened our Shoemaker-Levy orebody, signifying the next phase of our operations. Shoemaker-Levy will extend the life of the mine by approximately 20 years, and is the primary source of ore for the mine. The orebody is located 12km away from the processing plant, and the two are connected by an overland conveyor that runs over a major highway.

Our annual production is targeted at around 30,000 tonnes of nickel per annum. We have injected significant investment over the years to ensure that the site is a world-class producer of nickel and can remain competitive in global markets.

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Our Ravensthorpe site is a world-class laterite nickel mining and processing operation located in southern Western Australia

First Quantum's Ravensthorpe Nickel Operation by night
Ravensthorpe Nickel Operation, Great Southern WA
Ravensthorpe Nickel Operation site at night
Ravensthorpe laterite nickel mining and processing operation
Ravensthorpe world-class nickel mining operation
 Worker at Ravensthorpe Nickel Operation

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